Eric Suriyasena is one of Sri Lanka’s foremost Artist in the field of Batik. For almost a half century, he has adapted the traditional and very ancient craft of dyeing on cloth using a wax resist method and pioneered the use of the Batik medium as a form of Fine Art in Sri Lanka. His mastery of this novel art form has enabled Eric Suriyasena to express the spirit and rich cultural heritage of the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. In his early years, Eric Suriyasena was more interested in capturing the world from behind a camera lens. After his schooldays at St. Benedict’s College and St. Sebastian’s College he attended the School of Fine Arts in London. The foray into batik was ‘sort of accidental’. His love of travel landed him in Southeast Asia, or more specifically, Indonesia. The visit proved to be a literal eye-opener for Eric Suriyasena, who was entranced by the intricate workings behind the creation of batik.


Eric Suriyasena is currently recognized as the pioneer and premier exponent of batik painting and design, and is venerated for his contributions of this creative means of pictorial expression. A true icon in the batik community, Eric Suriyasena, has been recognized by the state for his contributions to the Arts & Crafts industry in Sri Lanka. His batik creations have adored the International EXPO representing Sri Lanka for the past fifteen years. As a designer, his luxurious sarees and fashionable casual wear grace the catwalks of Sri Lanka and other parts of the world.  The Eric Suriyasena Batiks Home collection is making strides in the field of Interior Design and using the batik medium to add style and elegance to any space. His passion for batik art is apparent in each of his designs.


“Batik is part of our heritage, it is a beautiful tradition that needs to be kept alive in our country, and shared with the world,” states Eric Suriyasena. To this day, Eric Suriyasena aims to make Batik an Art that is accessible, enjoyable, and engaging to audiences worldwide.